The Fifties

Danilo Pifferi, in charge of glazes in one of the leading ceramic factories in Sassuolo, has a first intuition: collecting waste glazes, mixing them with broken bottles and iron filings, to achieve new results. He is the first one in the world to carry out a veritable “recycling” process when nobody understands its importance yet. He makes the glazes for 120,000 square metres of tiles covering the floorings of the whole Olympic village in Rome on the occasion of the Olympic Games held in 1960.

The Sixties

Danilo Pifferi devotes himself to a relentless research activity which allows him to be the first one to find the ideal formula for producing ‘craquelé’ (streaked) tiles at significantly lower costs. He decides to set up his own business and starts to produce glazed stoneware using his formula, which immediately meets with a great success. In 1964 he establishes Ceramica Artistica Artigiana in Fiorano. The craquelé effect comes into fashion.

The 70s, 80s and 90s

Fads may come and go, but Pifferi family’s commitment to an ongoing search for solutions offering the best quality at a suitable price remains unchanged. Ceramica Artistica Artigiana continues to grow placing new products on the market and offering unparalleled customer service, without forgetting the inspiration of the early times. Therefore, it keeps investing in recycling techniques, ahead of all other companies. In the meanwhile, William starts to assist his father in managing the company and in 1995 they decide to establish a plant producing 4 million square metre of ceramic tiles per year, in Pigneto (Modena).


Today William Pifferi and his son David continue to follow the path opened by the founder: the selection of the best raw materials, firing at 1,225°C, and the overall control on the production cycle provide glazed fine porcelain stoneware produced by Ceramica Artistica Due with outstanding technical and aesthetical features. The company also boasts an outstanding capacity to lower the environmental impact of its activities, as it implements all recycling strategies required to achieve this goal.
Rigour and research, reliability, customer support and readiness to help are the core values of the company which continue to make it successful both in Italy and all over the world.